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Brand Photography In The Outdoor & 4×4 Industry

When building and spreading brand awareness for your company or organization, brand photography can be overlooked and many times left out of the marketing strategy. With this being said, there is usually no budget left for photography. Most people think they can get away with last minute stock images grabbed from a mobile phone or the internet, but this is no longer an acceptable solution in today’s content-filled world that we live in.

The world is moving at such a rapid pace with social media driving consumers to hundreds of thousands of websites, blogs, and portfolios. An organization, big or small, that avoids investing in professional brand imagery can hurt their business and lose touch with their customers.

It’s true what they say about a picture says a thousand words. The first step towards having strong brand photography is writing a strong image brief. The heart and soul of your organization should be captured within this photography brief by connection and reaching people. Your founding principles and values must be reflected to drive business forwards. If you understand your customer base, it will help you choosing what images you want to display and how to connect with your audience better.

Conveying your Brand

Photographs should play a vital part in conveying your brand personality. Depending on the approach your company takes on how you want to be perceived determines what route you take. If being friendly and approachable is what you base your business around, use the right imagery that would reflect the spirit and brand personality of your company in those photos. What people see is what people will think about your company and in more ways than just aesthetically.

Enhancing your Marketing Materials

It is proven that images increase engagement to your audience rather than text alone, especially if you tailor these images to your target audience. You have one opportunity to make a good first impression, so it’s important to ensure your marketing materials will capture your audience imagination the first time they see it. Bold colors, eye-popping composition, and striking imagery will help ensure your brand photography makes an everlasting mark on whoever views it.

It’s not worth losing customers because of poor quality imagery on your website. Pixelated or mid-sized photos that are not colorfully pleasing will automatically devalue your services and products. Instead, make images that make your customers say “wow!”

Competitive Edge

A brand photographer who can understand where you want to take your company as far as brand values and communication guidelines could be a wise investment. Quality photos that showcase your business could give you the head start and edge over your competitors. At the end of the day, the results will only be as good as the imagery and brand photography you use, so investing into brand photography will let you not only highlight your business objectives, brand values and target audience, but also help you stand out and gain an edge over your competition.


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