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Local Search Marketing In The Outdoor & 4×4 Industry

In today’s cluttered world of digital information, trying to get your company’s website to stand out online can sometimes be a challenge. Technology is constantly evolving the way someone accesses and consumes media, and it is crucial for business to use technology to remain competitive. Large corporations have the resources to market their brand through every available social media channel, but what about the all the local, small businesses?

If you’re a small business that is centralized around providing products or service to your local area, it is important to incorporate local search marketing into your marketing strategy. Local searches are getting more attention now-a-days because of the increasing value in strategic digital marketing approaches; when people are searching for something locally in regards to your industry, you want to be ranked ahead of companies that aren’t in your area because a consumer will more than likely get its services from a local source if they have the option to.

What is Local Search Marketing?

It is estimated that about 40% of all searches are made with the intent of finding that product or service locally. A local search is any search aimed at finding something within a specific geographic region, and typically, the intent is to find information online for a purchase you are going to make offline. For example, when someone is looking for a dry cleaning service, they’re not going to travel 20 miles simply because their search results placed that specific one at the top of the list. They are more than likely going to give their business to the closest dry cleaner available, but if that dry cleaner hasn’t optimized their company information for local search marketing, a consumer is forced to go to the second closest place that fulfills their needs, even if it’s the only option within 20 miles of them.

Prioritizing Local Searches

The number of local searches online has grown rapidly over the years as more and more people have shifted towards using search engines instead of off-line sources like the Yellow Pages. In 2012, Google announced that they made numerous changes to their search algorithm, and one of those changes is focused on improving local search results by relying on the rankings that Google gives to web pages and their content, which made a push for companies to utilize SEO. However, as more companies began to adapt SEO methods into their marketing strategies, new approaches, such as Local Search Marketing, have to be implemented so a company’s website doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

So why is local search marketing so important? The bottom-line is, if you want your company to be found online, you must do everything and anything you can to come up in search results, especially if it’s in the local area that your business is in. With local search marketing, the opportunity to capture sales in a local community becomes greater and allows small business compete with the top dogs.


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