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Product Advertising In The Outdoor & 4×4 Industry

Product advertising is more than just a commercial or an online ad; product advertising is the art of designing and maintaining product awareness with potential customers. Good product advertising educates potential customers on why they need the product, how it is used and the benefits that come from using that product. A successful product advertising strategy also tells the consumer how the product is better than similar products offered by their competitors.

The purpose of product advertising is primarily to inform consumers about the product and create interest as well; however, it doesn’t stop there. Raising product awareness is only the first stage in attempting to persuade consumers to buy and use your product. You must also convince them that it is the best quality available, show them that other people enjoy the product, and find a way to create an emotional connection with your product. With the help of the internet, product advertising has evolved and now the possibilities of online product advertising are endless with the different types of media at a marketer’s disposal.

Definition of Product Advertising

Product advertising is typically defined as any method of communicating and promoting a product attempting to have a potential customer purchase that product. The general objective is to increase brand awareness or to demonstrate the differences between product and competing products in order to sell them.

Before an advertisement plan is written, market research has to be conducted to obtain information such as needs in the market, factors or people that influence purchasing decisions, and the type of media used to obtain product information. The collected data is then used to write a product advertisement message and helps you determine how the message will be presented to your prospective customers.

How Advertising affects Product Awareness

Product advertising essentially helps to make consumers aware of a product and strives to build preference for that product over what the competition offers. If advertising succeeds in those two tasks, consumers will choose the advertised product when they decide to make their next purchase. However, building product awareness and preference through advertising is an on-going process. One single campaign only raises product awareness so much, so it is crucial to put your time and effort into having the right plan in places and the resources to go along with what it takes to advertise over a long period of time to sustain high levels of awareness and use.

Product Advertising Online

Product advertising online makes it easier to measure the effect your product advertising campaign has because of the way you can track how your consumers engage with it. When a consumer clicks on your online ad, they want to obtain further product information and you can immediately measure the success of a campaign in terms of the number of responses. If a consumer then purchases the product online, you have a direct measure of campaign effectiveness on how your product advertising is helping your business achieve its goals.


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